Tax Liabilities during Covid-19

Tax Liabilities during Covid-19

Concerned about being able to pay your tax liabilities during the on-going Covid-19 outbreak?

Many businesses are feeling under strain as a result of this pandemic.

Revenue have put measures in place for employers during this crisis. If you are experiencing cash flow issues as a result of Covid-19, it is important to speak to Revenue Commissioners as soon as possible to ensure they can assist you efficiently.

Advice for SME’s

Tax Returns:
You should continue to send in your tax returns on time, even if you are experiencing issues with cash flow.

Application of Interest:

-Interest accrued on late payments is suspended for January/February VAT
-Interest accrued on PAYE (Employers’ Liabilities) is suspended for February and March.

Debt Enforcement:

All Debt Enforcement activity is suspended until further notice

Advice for Sub-Contractors

Relevant Contract Tax:

The rate of the tax was to be reviewed in March but this review has now been suspended.

Advice for those Importing Goods


Critical supplies such as Medicine will be ‘green routed’ to ensure the importation is not interrupted.

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