Outsourcing Pro

About us

This new venture between Accounting Pro and LIT, can provide new marketing resources to fuel company growth.  Marketing Professionals and college students will work together with businesses to provide a tailored marketing and research solution. 

A team consisting of expertise from Outsourcing Pro and LIT students will work alongside each business creating individual solutions tailored to each company. 

This newly set up team will create a marketing plan for each business making it unique to other firms who often try use a one size fits all model. This will be different for Outsourcing Pro as each company will be researched in full to see what promotional tools would work best for them. Once this plan is agreed the team will implement each stage with regular reports to the company.

What we offer


  • Graphic design
  • Social media management
  • Calling and email clients



  • Compliance research
  • Potential client research
  • Competitor research


Previous results with sample company

Website growth- 1300 monthly views to 2000 monthly views in 6 months

LinkedIn followers- Up 150% in 6 months

Increase on clients by 30% in 6 months

A focus on search engine optimisation has improved the clients google position to 3rd on google in Ireland and 1st in the U.K.



To sign up or to get more information contact us at laura.forrestal@accounting-pro.ie or call us at +353 1 5921802