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A Guide to the Restart Business Grant

The purpose of this grant is to help small businesses recover from the financial downfall caused by Covid-19 closures.  The grants will be equivalent to the rates bill⃰ of the business in 2019, with a minimum payment of €2,000 and a maximum payment of €10,000. Any business that has...

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What the Corporate World can learn from the Celts

When the Celts are described it can often be with a negative connotation. They have been described as barbaric. Barbarian, in itself, leads you to think of uncivilised, wild and warlike. The word Barbarian actually derives from the Greek expression to describe anyone who was non-Greek. In actuality, the...

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Tax relief for looking after the elderly

Tax relief for looking after the elderly Everyone gets older and at some stage of life it may not be possible to live independently. In that situation many people will look to enter a nursing home. These can be excellent environments where the client can maintain a happy and...

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