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Director Umbrella compliance – An Update

As the previous article ‘Director Umbrella Solutions’ has mentioned, people who join Director Umbrella Structures as individual contractors are highly popular in the local Irish market. This structure gives self-employed people a quick and easy way to start their contracting experience as well as having a comprehensive accounting solution....

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Irish Innovation and Productivity Doing Well

Irish Innovation and Productivity Doing Well Recent statistics from the Global Innovation Index of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) showed that Ireland’s economy is the 12th most innovative in the world.  The Republic scored high in technical exports and foreign direct investment (FDI). The Irish economy also ranked first...

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How Accounting Pro Can Save You Money

How Accounting Pro Can Save You Money If you’re drowning in a sea of invoices, receipts and cash-flow statements, you could use some professional assistance to curb non-essential expenses. By obtaining an objective, outside perspective from an experienced accountant, you will be better equipped to organize your records, tighten-up...

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