Many people believe that accountants simply fill out forms
at the end of each year and charge a hefty sum for their
number-crunching services. While it’s true that accountants
must deal with figures and statistics based on numerical
formulas, they are also concerned with the commercial core of
a person’s or organization’s survival in a competitive
environment. Accounting comprises the backbone of every
business; without it, a business is susceptible to financial
Every business, whether a Chinese restaurant, local dry
cleaner, multi-national corporation, or non-profit charity
depends upon accounting. The art of accounting consists of
maintaining each client’s financial records, while examining
statements to ensure their accuracy. One of the primary duties
of accounting is to make sure that the customer’s documents
are accurate and up to date. Consequently, individual
accountants must participate in a wide range of administrative
This holds true for accountants at Accounting Pro, who have
to keep track of how much money an organization earns,
spends and owes. These sums are crucial to the customers,
since any miscalculation could put them out of business. There
are also routine and ordinary duties which are part of the
accountant’s job that include: sorting paper documents and
digital databases, typing and filing reports, creating financial

spread sheets and printing and copying vital economic
At Accounting Pro an everyday job consists of handling
accounts payable and receivable, payrolls, balance sheets, and
functions related to credits and debits. Our staff makes sure
that statements and records comply with laws and regulations.
The accountants involved are detail-oriented with a high level
of proficiency in numbers and statistics. Efficient on-the-job
performance is necessary, because of high volumes of data and
complex formulas that may have to be used to calculate specific
Our staff consists of keen, meticulous, mathematically
oriented individuals who excel at keeping track of the smallest
details. They have a knack for money matters and can monitor
financial resources to check for fraud or intentional misuse of
funds. They also develop new methods to reduce unintentional
waste of financial resources. The methodology used by
Accounting Pro combines modern, state-of-the-art technology
with a time-tested, traditional “Accounting Cycle” which

  • Analyzing and measuring transactions
  • Recording transactions in a journal
  • Posting information from the journal to a ledger
  • Formulating an unadjusted trial balance
  • Arranging adjusted entries
  • Making up an adjusted trial balance
  • Organizing financial statements
  • Presenting closing entries
    Preparing taxes is another function of our accountants, who
    have practical experience in the areas of business finance and
    tax reduction. Our staff is aware of legal methods that can be
    used to reduce the amount of taxes paid. They compute taxes
    owed and ensure prompt payments. In addition to figuring out
    how much you (or your company) owes the government,
    Accounting Pro prepares the actual tax return and makes sure
    the documents are filed on time, so that no legal penalties are
    However, Accounting Pro only develops a strategy for
    decreasing taxes if the guidelines are ethical and compliant
    with the law. We have a wealth of experience in this process
    and carefully inspect all accounting books and systems, while
    organizing financial records. Our specialists also make sure that
    our customers are registered with the appropriate government
    agencies, so we can deal with them on the customer’s behalf
    concerning any changes in current financial accounts or
    In addition, we set up new businesses for our clients,
    avoiding any potholes or hazards along the way. Agents from
    Accounting Pro also act as financial advisors to executives,
    offering strategies that cut costs and gain profits. Like many
    accounting firms, we specialize on the client’s specific needs
    and requirements. Our analysts work to improve efficiency

where money is concerned and make experience-based
suggestions to reduce costs, enhance revenues, and improve
Accounting Pro experts sometimes work behind the scenes
in large financial transactions. But thanks to modern “cloud-
based” technology (smart phones, computers and the web)
they also work in offices, at home, or if required, travel to a
client’s workplace. In that role they help managers conceive
new goals and take steps to achieve them. Our agents are also
linked to consultants and contractors in the U.K. and the U.S.
and specialize in support to contractors, small businesses and
If you’re seeking assistance from a highly professional,
experienced accounting firm, join us at Accounting Pro. We
welcome your business.

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