A digital revolution caused by the advent of information technology (IT) has transformed the accounting community. Computers, smart phones, printers, and scanners are replacing green spread sheets, pencils, piles of disorganized papers, cardboard boxes, and filing cabinets full of useless data. Accounting Pro can assist contractors & small business owners to adjust to this technical […]

A Sensory Garden for Children to aid with positive mental health development – Fundraising at the Great Limerick run May 2018.

Every year I participate in the Great Limerick run. In the last few years I have run for a Homeless cause and Limerick Against Pollution. Although these causes were very worthy causes, this year I want to try and raise funds for another exceptional cause which is important to me on a personal level. For […]

Further thoughts on accounting pro’s APPLICATION OF TECHNOLOGY TO ACCOUNTING for contractors, startups & smes

In today’s modern business environment, small companies cannot function or compete without the use of information technology (IT). As a result, Accounting Pro has become a leader in the use of efficient and effective IT. This technology is used as a catalyst of innovation in the areas of customer care service, management planning, production, human […]


Accounting Pro can help small businesses and start up companies to utilize their capital in smarter, more efficient ways. In many cases this technology is an improvement on already existing systems or processes that were previously installed. It may also be necessary to make some additional adjustments to obtain maximum benefits from these new tech-friendly […]