Solar PV technology in Ireland – The basics

With the imminent growth of Solar energy in Ireland (including Solar farm projects) a brief overview of the technologies involved in this future energy sector will prove useful.  For example: “What is a solar panel?”  A solar panel is a device constructed to capture the sun’s rays with the intention of generating electricity. What is […]

The Irish Solar revolution

Ireland has seen substantial social change over the last decade and is now about to embark on a revolution in solar energy. The country is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions significantly and solar energy is part of the plan in a major way. In keeping with this new solar strategy, the Irish government has […]


Collaboration in the workplace is a necessary element of production in any modern business no matter what size or scope.  Moreover, today’s businesses place a high value on collaboration. The ability to work as a team with a diverse variety of co-workers is a definite advantage in building, sustaining, and expanding a company.  In fact, […]